How to host a successful virtual exhibition?

08 May / 2022

How to host a successful virtual exhibition?

Virtual events like seminars, workshops and exhibitions have become the norm as the pandemic took over our lives in the past couple of years. But, hosting a virtual exhibition is no joke. It requires a lot of planning just like that of a physical event, if not more. 

There’s a lot to take care of, and it can get overwhelming. To help you, we are here with a step by step guide to hosting a successful virtual exhibition. 

  • Have an agenda

    Before you start preparing for the virtual exhibition, define your goals and vision, and the target audience for the same. Discuss with your team about the main objectives you wish to achieve and come up with an itinerary. 

  • Choose the right platform for the virtual exhibition

    Just like you spend time searching for a location for a physical event, you must give time and thoughts to choose the best digital platform for your virtual exhibition. Make sure it’s technically flawless, easy to use and is common among the participants. 

  • Choose the right time for the virtual event

    Though a virtual exhibition saves you from commute and other inconveniences of a physical event, you should choose the right time to ensure maximum participation. For example, hosting it on weekends on public holidays are sure to attract more participation than on a regular working day. 

  • Have clear communication with coordinators

    Since you’re connected only by the screens, clear communication among the coordinators and with the participants is more important. Make sure everyone knows how to contact you and be available on those platforms. 

  • Be prepared for technical failures

    No matter how well prepared you are, the technology may fail you at times. From a power shutdown to an unstable internet connection to poor functioning of the softwares, anything can happen. So, have a team ready to troubleshoot if and when these problems arise. 

  • Have interactive sessions

    The participants may get bored with having back to back sessions. Engage them in as many instances as possible. Come up with different activities to keep it interesting. 

  • Send reminder and follow up mails

    Send a reminder mail to everyone including your instructors, participants and coordinators a week ago, so that thro can clear the schedule for the virtual exhibition. Similarly, follow up with a feedback form after the event to welcome remarks about the exhibition. 

  • Make the best use of digital marketing to promote the event

    This is the age of digital revolution. Invest in promoting your event online. Make use of different platforms like social media, press releases, newsletters and Facebook ads. 

If you follow these steps, you can have a successful virtual exhibition where everyone makes best use of the event and have fun.