About Honchos

About Honchos

Explore, Conceive, Create, Deliver

HONCHOS are a corporate event management company delivering a bouquet of awe-inspiring and results-driven endeavours for businesses worldwide. In the most dynamic new age market, we develop high-octane, ingenious initiatives that can change the course of a business. Deep know-how of the consumer market, extensive experience in creating and delivering events, and thorough expertise in business strategies, make us a force to reckon with. We think and conceive with you in mind, and our foresight helps us deliver better every single time. es.

INNOVATIVE EXHIBITIONS and DYNAMIC CONFERENCES Organising Events and transforming futures Showcasing the market to the world formulating quick and fresh idea

HONCHOS is young, energetic, enterprising, and innovative. We represent the new and vibrant dynamic of the world of business in the modern age. As a versatile organisation, we offer exhaustive and end-to-end solutions for business-driven and focus-oriented events. Right from idea pitching to event execution our tasks are centred on extensive research and intense planning. Our forte includes Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows, Corporate Meetings, Product Launches, Venue Management, Event Branding, Promotional Shows, and Theme Shows. Enveloped in a professional approach and extensive expertise these events ensure outright success.

Conceived with the thought to deliver 360-degree results for business events, HONCHOS looks to change the way events are delivered in the Middle East. Our unique approach opens a world of value-driven and results-enabled management of business events in the region. We are part of Aura Holdings, an ambitious business group that has been providing stupendous results in the fields of Web technologies, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Healthcare and Sustainable Living with a core focus on the MENA region and the Indian subcontinent.

We are growing not just with talented manpower, but also with augmented business acumen and enhanced expertise. A deep understanding of the consumer market, well planned and researched activities, and professional delivery are our core strengths.

The changing demography and the advent of new business verve around the world offer HONCHOS a path of opportunities and investment avenues in the field of events, media, and entertainment. We look to be a vital part of the ever-growing possibilities in the Middle East. We aim to diversify deeper and extend our service offerings to a larger client base spread across industries.

Be Affordable

Creating world class quality and innovative content that cuts across geographies and consumer demographics

Always Satisfy

Keeping client satisfaction paramount in every assignment we engage in.

Remain Committed

Fostering and adhering to complete commitment in every project and all internal and external business activities.

Be Creative

Pursuing innovative ideas and new creative thoughts; exploring better and ingenious possibilities.


To be the leading event management company in the MENA region delivering comprehensive solutions in conducting events for any industry. We envision becoming a valued partner for organizations in their marketing goals thereby being part of their success and future growth.


Delivering value-based solutions to clients, by making the right choice that aligns with their business goals and project ambitions.Offering a choice of event based solutions for organisations that go along with their brand voice.

Build internal awareness that makes us project-ready every time. Develop a sense of commitment that runs across the organization and makes every employee’s effort align with the project goals.

Building strong customer relationships that goes beyond a project.

Imbibe the spirit of ‘Explore. Conceive, Create, Deliver’ to give the best at all times.